Thursday, 12 November 2009

Poached Eggs on Toast - à la Bourguignonne

For those of you who missed breakfast this morning how about these eggs for brunch? Oeufs en Meurette is not a dish you're likely to come across in a greasy spoon or even the the most Francophile of gingham cloth-bedecked bistrots but it makes for the perfect (late) breakfast. Instead of poaching eggs in boring old water they simmer away in the winiest of bourguignonne sauces, redolent of smokey bacon (lardons fumés) and enriched with a little beurre manié (butter mixed with a little flour). A sprinkling of chopped parsley is traditional at the end (good for vitamin C - who needs orange juice?) and then the whole thing gets plopped onto toast, preferably thickly sliced sourdough (pain au levain).


  1. Mmmm, we had this in Burgundy a few times and have the recipe in a cookery book of regional recipes that we picked up there. We've talked about making it for 18 months but never get to it.
    MUST do so!

  2. Mmm - I had this in a pub in Primrose Hill (of all places) and loved it. I must try making it at home.

  3. It's easy peasy; just get the timing right on the eggs (it's actually easier to poach them in water separately)