Friday, 1 October 2010

Cork Alive

I served Champagne to some French friends recently and the cork, as I released it, sommelier-style and without a pop, sucked itself back into the bottle neck as if there was a vacuum inside.  When I twisted it out again it appeared very narrow which is the normal indication of bottle age.  But it had a curious lump on its end; and even more curiously, it appeared to be alive...

apologies for my laboured, heavily-accented French on the video; I think this was our second bottle of fruity, gluggable Brut from Joseph Walczak in Les Riceys


  1. it was delicious, very appley (bruised apples turned into compôte rather than zingy and fresh); the grower is 18kms away in Les Riceys where they tend to only grow Pinot grapes and no Chardonnay

  2. ... and the wine was still alive with plenty of fizz (and even the cork was lively as you will have seen in the video)

  3. did you watch the video Kirsten? It's not porn or a video nasty!!