Monday, 19 October 2009

Pierre Koffmann's Foie Gras & Snails

Abi chose Pan Fried Foie Gras with a Potato Galatte (sic) and Sauternes Jus.

The liver was cut thickly, well seared but just done in the middle: perfect.

This was a refined, subtly flavoured piece of offal, perhaps from a goose rather than a duck?

The Galette was a crispy foil for the wobbly liver and the jus came with a couple of smears of bright green apple which tasted of rhubarb and gooseberry.

A surprisingly trendy foam was sprayed over the liver (or had a snail escaped from my plate and crawled over?)

The Fricassé (sic) of Wild Mushrooms and Snails with Bone Marrow was a small portion of tiny bits of mushroom not easily identifiable (shame when the markets are heaving now with ceps and girolles) with some curiously bland though pleasingly soft snails.

The star of the dish was sadly only 2 crostini (or should it be croûtes?) of bone marrow.

A whole dish of these would have been just the ticket.

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